Monday, March 9, 2009

"Not so glam, a little more real."

Scary is doing a new photo shoot today.

"I’m excited to get pictures with a new perspective. Not so glam. A little more real. Well, as real as you can get during a photo shoot. Purposely, I haven’t pulled any clothes. I’m doing my own hair and makeup. It should be pretty authentic. "

Then this:

Doesn't that look "not so glam"? Real? Authentic?

I know I personally always hang out in homes that don't belong to me wearing borrowed clothes and give myself kissyfaces into the mirror as I apply my makeup.

Doesn't everyone?

Real and authentic would be to wear your OWN clothes, take the photos in your OWN home...

Oh. That's right. She doesn't have a home yet (still), most of her clothes are apparently still in storage, and she probably DOES kissyfaces to her reflection when applying makeup.

Real and authentic would be Mary inside her storage space digging through boxes searching for something to wear (and her dignity).

Trouble In Paradise?

No I don't know exactly what she's referring to, but Julia's latest Twitter's lead me to believe:

  • That someone she was "in this together" with, isn't so in it anymore.
  • That whoever she's speaking of is female, since her mom is saying guys "do this too".

Fights? Lawsuits? Breakups?

And it'd be just like Julia to play the victim, would it not?

Friday, March 6, 2009


This applies today

Puff the ugly booze face
My en-em-yyyyy
Frolicks in my new crows’ feet
Making me look fifty-three

When my skin’s like paper
I’ll blame that rascal puff
And go all Mary Rambin-like
And use that botox stuff


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