Monday, March 9, 2009

"Not so glam, a little more real."

Scary is doing a new photo shoot today.

"I’m excited to get pictures with a new perspective. Not so glam. A little more real. Well, as real as you can get during a photo shoot. Purposely, I haven’t pulled any clothes. I’m doing my own hair and makeup. It should be pretty authentic. "

Then this:

Doesn't that look "not so glam"? Real? Authentic?

I know I personally always hang out in homes that don't belong to me wearing borrowed clothes and give myself kissyfaces into the mirror as I apply my makeup.

Doesn't everyone?

Real and authentic would be to wear your OWN clothes, take the photos in your OWN home...

Oh. That's right. She doesn't have a home yet (still), most of her clothes are apparently still in storage, and she probably DOES kissyfaces to her reflection when applying makeup.

Real and authentic would be Mary inside her storage space digging through boxes searching for something to wear (and her dignity).


  1. She looks gorgeous. I like that she didn't style her hair with a ton of product. She said she didn't pull any clothes so I took that to mean she is wearing her own.

    Sorry, have to disagree with you on this one. She's going to be that last one standing out of the three of them.

    Maybe she's living with a friend to save money to afford a new place? Lots of people I know in NYC are moving out of their apartments and back home with their parents because of being laid off. It's great if you can afford to live on your own but I think you need to be a little more unbiased. For all you know she gave her last bit of savings to the guy who owns the house in CT to pay her way. None of us know where we're going to be in 6 months. I'd be careful with the way you pick her apart. It could be you pretty soon. It could be any of us.

    She's going to land on her feet in a big way.

  2. Frosting IV DripMarch 9, 2009 at 2:15 PM

    The whole scene is fake as all hell.

  3. She might be trying harder lately but the whole point is she is trying to be real. Trying is not just being.

  4. Unbiased Opinion (Try it sometime)March 9, 2009 at 4:02 PM

    She's not producing kissyfaces. She's applying either foundation or lip liner. She even admits that it's a photoshoot and it's not as real as she'd like it to be. I get that you hate her but come on. Are you so blinded by your own jealousy that you can't see things objectively?

  5. She *is* putting makeup on but she *is* also making a kissyface.

    And yeah: the only reason I don't like her is because I'm "jealous". Of her gorgeous apartment, her flashy car, her amazing relationship with her boyfriend, her loyal BFFs who NEVER publicly insult her, her dazzling style...? LMAO

    Um, she has none of those things.

    I am not "jealous" of Mary, love. I just plain don't like her. Why? Because this is the same woman who compares a woman's right to get botox to a woman's right to an abortion. Because she says things like "young girls, listen to me... it's practically EXPECTED that you will get a boob job as your graduation present!" (That's so "all the cool kids are doing it", ugh!). Because she dishes out "health tips" FROM VETERINARIANS. Because she promotes a "cleanse" that has been widely reported as a scam. Just to name a few.

    No, it's not because of those things. It's because I'm jealous! That just MUST be the reason!!!

    Fucking idiot.

  6. She has her whole life ahead of her and a ton of experience behind her. She can only fall up. You can't blame her that people give her things. You don't know what the deal is with who ever she's living with. You need to take a step back and stop being so angry and see yourself how others see you. That's why you're struggling in the areas Mary isn't. She may be broke but she knows hwo to play the game.

  7. I'm struggling? Okay. You know nothing about me, my profession, how successful I am or am not, nothing about my background, my life, my friends, my living situation, how much game I do or do not have, or my anger... yet you say I'm struggling. No, I am not struggling. And I am perfectly allowed to simply NOT LIKE SOMEONE who is going out of her way to be in the public eye but who propagates such anti-feminist, shallow, self-serving, ignorant things.

    Because you know of one little blog I have, you have me ALL figured out.

    LOL. Sure. Gotcha.

  8. All three of these girls make me sick to my stomach. I'm not sure what's more annoying, them or the stupid sheep that actually like these girls and girls like them.

  9. Anyone jealous of Mary Rambin should just end it all. A singular act of humanity.