Friday, February 20, 2009

Why is any of this important?

Let's examine for a hot second some of the topics we explore amidst the immature teasing:

  • Disclosure in advertising/accountability
  • Backdating posts
  • Claiming coverage of events that never come, statements from programmers that never come
  • Scamming Google for page views and lying about it. Repeatedly.
  • Censorship and the relationship between NS and Tumblr
  • Charlsie's internship Tumblr which is still not restored though Baugher and the rest have been
  • Using images without permission or credit
To start.

I would be just as vocal with any company, group, individual... who puts themselves in a position of giving advice or being a role model and then shows these kinds of values.


  1. I did see on twitter that Meagan Asha & Natali DelConte are hanging out. Maybe Asha will learn something from her and be a better tech head.

    natalidelconte: Dinner with @meghanasha. That sneaky brat picked up the check while I was in the bathroom! Who does she think she is!? (Hint: My new BFF)

    meghanasha: @NataliDelConte continues to impress me with her knowledge and work ethic. Really, she's a force!

  2. sooo did you delete your tumblr, or did they finally take it down??

  3. "I would be up just as vocal with any company, group, individual... who puts themselves in a position of giving advice or being a role model and then shows these kinds of values."

    Nail. on. head. I just scrolled back to the starting point of my post here, this may be LONG - apologies in advance!

    See, it wouldn't be a problem AT ALL if there WERE no business to speak of, or even if this was a non-profit experiment touted as such, with no expectation of benefiting financially down the line, and if all of it wasn't under the pretense of "empowering women". Their "goals" simply do not correspond with their accompanying behaviors and attitudes, so the inauthenticity is disturbing when it isn't simply irritating. When people defend them as being just like you or me in their fallibility, I DON'T disagree, nor do I begrude them that. I do take issue, however, with their purporting to be "human" while presenting to the world anything BUT that reality 99% of the time. That 1% only comes out when under fire, seeking undeserved sympathy and/or playing the pseudo self-deprecation to the hilt. It's like even the humanity we're permitted to see (and shouldn't that be all of it? Isn't this lifecasting?) is false, orchestrated for skewing public opinion in their favor (and ultimately for their gain) rather than any real consideration for or response to what people are feeling and how they're reacting. It isn't so much Meghan with any of these things, as I find her to be the most genuine of them all, if a little misguided. She's self-deprecating at times, but you get the impression it's rooted in lower self-esteem (from wanting to be something other than a pretty-faced heiress) than playing it up - while not actually believing what's being stated - for sympathy or to fake identifying with others.

    In hoping to become a leader or have people essentially pay you for a product/service, you have no choice but to take on the responsibility and accountability that comes with it! When you try to blame others for your failure to do so or ignore the problem by attempting to shift the focus to the "motives" behind the response of the audience, it only serves to underscore the point being made and exacerbate the problem. The audience is patient for some time, but having been ignored they eventually get resentful. So even if they at some point get their stuff together and start putting out things of quality, their audience will have been soured from their inattentiveness at the beginning. The person behind the content has become unlikeable and dismissable, and so it becomes harder to look objectively on whatever it is they produce.

  4. I first found out about Julia from the Wired cover. Being that I am a girl on the internet building my resume as an actress and trying to be succesfull, I am always interested to see how people got where they are (and i know for a fact that even younger girls want to see how they can be popular and on TV).

    Reading the story, it talked about how she was with all kinds of "med students" dresses up in condoms, having relationship w/married congressman and other married men, dated mens vogue editor, dated Lodwick, canoodling w/ dig founder kevin rose,---anyway. This reads to me very bad for a bussiness focused on females and alot of them fairly young. Mostly because no one wants to think that you get succesful by the men that you are with.

    I went to her site I only read 1 post and left. I left because I thought that was the only post on the site(the scrolling is so messed up.)The next time I went back was because after the article I started going to the sites mentioned like Gawker and they posted more of her. When "Nonsociety" came out I went back to check it out, and I actually really wanted to give Julia a shot and support it and (in terms of my opinion of Julia)it's been downhill ever since.

    My original thoughts about her from the article came back. After seeing everything from porno cov when your readers were promised to also see CES, to way inoprop. shots of her and Chad Hurley. I just couldnt believe anymore that she got where she is on her own merit.

    Until the last couple months I thought I was alone in my thoughts and wondering why she is so popular and everyone likes her? After finding QOD and discovering other peoples opninions I felt much better to know that not everyone was buying it.

    Without going into too much detail I grew up really poor, never met my father. I entered myself into beauty pageants when I was 17 and won with dresses I bought from good will. Got scolarships into modeling & acting acadamys & bused myself there. I have been through ALOT in my life so far. Now I am doing very well and feel very blessed.

    I am saying this because coming from this perspective I can say that I cannot fault anyone for getting breaks from their parents. I know what it's like not to & every parent wants to give there kids everything they can.
    BUT, it is expected that even if you get breaks that others dont you still do just as good and apreciate it just as much as someone who did it on their own and with burdens.

    For example, If someone is in college because they are puting themselves though by working 2 jobs & supporting their family. Then Someone else who got into college because their parents had connections and money does poorly because they were partying or were to concerned w/dating, it is expected that they get less sympathy for a lesser grade then the people in the prier example.

    The same applies if you have a bussiness and w/out puting much effort expect and act as though you deserve and our entitled to be a success even if you cheat or do questionable things in your bussiness to get ahead. Dont fault you for your advantages over others--but you get no sympathy for your exuses.

  5. Agreed. Maybe you should link to this post from your sidebar?