Friday, February 20, 2009

Julia does TOO have depth... I mean... look at the WORK OF ART she admires at the MOMA with Mama...

Full on Monet.

This one, she literally captioned "Art."


  1. her mom seems so sweet. like she's really enjoying seeing the artwork.

    Julia, couldnt you have just taken 1 pic of yourself in the mirror. I mean, its obvs that you stood there taking like 10 pics of yourself. in the second one you cant even find your mom. do you think your making her feel comfortable during her stay?

    As if :)

  2. "still life with bow legs"
    surprised she didn't bring lilly.

  3. that was a typo - she meant "fart"

  4. Seriously, those legs. Wow just wow. Everyone should know their strong features and avoid the worst. She seems to revel in her legature.

  5. Pants are her friend.

  6. OMG, her mom's foot is on fire, err, never mind.