Thursday, February 19, 2009

So I have been meaning to get around to posting more from the IM chat I had with Julia. Considering how many other things I am juggling I think it's a miracle I am able to post as much as I do. Your patience deserves reward. The conversation began at 10:34am (Los Angeles time). It ended at 2:19pm. Almost four hours. So there is no way I can post it all. The highlights will have to do.

Genuine? I doubt it. About 20+ minutes pass.

Within minutes, "blerg" is said.

Keep in mind, she says she has a 3pm meeting. At this point it's almost 11:30am my time, so that's 2:30pm on the east coast. Lie #1: If she had a 3pm meeting how is it she managed to stay in IM with me for about 3+ more hours? I am intentionally being vague about "what I do", by the way. Why would I dish that out the gate?

Lie #2: Julia has obviously been quite the heavy reader of TSAM.
Then there's this part. Julia calling me obnoxious? Pot... meet kettle. No I didn't make the Google thing up. Are you kidding me?

She supports it? We'll see. Also, if that's how you really feel about things, well the "anonybloggers" aren't physically hurting anyone and you sure seemed to take issue. (Lie #3 not including the Google lies.)

I now lose even more respect for her. I mean, to her I'm just this bitch on the internet shit talking her "BFF" slash "sister" on a daily basis. And here she is kind of rolling with it. Turn the tables and there's no WAY I'd be haha-ing about it all with the damn bitch. Would you?

No I do not want to help you, nor am I interviewing to be a contributor to BS NS. You wanted to talk, we're talking. And I've already gone from defending you to tasting my lunch. I go on to give her a bit about my background professionally, since she asked.

Give her a cookie cupcake. Please note: she brought up her weight, not me.

At this point, I would be SO gone. You can't talk about my friends like that! But that's me.

Well now I'm just digging. Plus, inquiring minds want to know.

Was that a dig at Meghan?


I can't anymore. I just can't.


  1. She comes off as very manipulative. But no surprise there. I'd love to see more of this when you get around to it. I should just subscribe to your site so I don't have to keep checking back before you update!

    And I do think the lady doth protest too much. What nice person goes around insisting they are so nice all the time? Not to mention we've seen more than enough evidence to the contrary. Thanks for posting this.


  2. this was both interesting and frustrating because she doesn't really answer for ANYTHING; it's just more of the same "i'm so tired, this is so hard" bullshit.

    the thing is, going into this, they had to know it wouldn't be easy to start a business. i simply can not believe that they are squandering these opportunities because they're tired and beaten down.

    i'd be more inclined to believe that their epic failure is more about their lack of organization and their obsession with their own image.

    if they spent less time reading blogs like this, less time having retarded long IM chats with detractors, less time trolling Gawker and writing insane screeds to Owen, then they'd have more time to run their business properly.

    get your fucking priorities in order, julia. and, really, quit your bitching about being tired. i so don't care.

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  4. ps
    i hate to agree with JA, but she's right. you're gorgeous. :)

  5. The problem with me is that I gave her too much credit. A lot of times a pretty, strong, outspoken woman gets a bad rep from men and from other women. I've experienced that myself. I assumed it was the same with JA. But like, I'm a lot of things but I'm not fake. I am one of the most genuine people, whichever way it is. If I admire you and respect you, you'll know. If I don't, you'll know. I wear it on my sleeve and I can't hide it. Even when I try to. I still don't understand why she wanted to talk to me in the first place. But I was curious and I went with it. I was especially curious when she said "since YOU would be doing ME a favor, I'll owe you one..."

    Which would be lie #8,594,675. Squared.

    But the longer I talked to her the more I could see that this is just a girl who thinks she has game. THINKS. But Julia Allison does not have "game". She's just another pawn in it.

    I HATE FAKE BITCHES. And all three of these girls are SYNTHETIC AS ALL HELL.

    It's so over.

    PS: ches: STFU you're making me blush! haha There is only enough room for one big head in here and JA is taking up all the space.

  6. I am sorry to butt in with an unrelated comment -- but it's something I've been wondering FOREVER: what exactly is that IM program you're using?

  7. SM--does your yahoo email still work? I have so, so SO many thoughts on this, but a comment post would not suffice. :-)

  8. ugh, notes.

    - funny how when it was all about mary there was nothing, except of course when you posted and contacted her about the google scamming. Now that the focus is on her, you've become "obnoxious"?

    - exhausted? from what, exactly, julia? attempting to hobnob with celebs (and people with legitimate talent) and become one yourself? if you weren't so busy posturing 24-effing-7 you probably wouldn't BE SO TIRED. yes, keeping up fraudulent appearances weighs down on one's psyche and body eventually.

    - love the "fat ass" joke. har dee har har, we get it.. you have a sense of humor (except, oops, according to your moronically publicly declared views on the temporary censorship at tumblr - fail there, btw - you clearly do not)

    - asking you (SM) your age is the equivalent of saying "please don't be younger than me otherwise I'll be a) jealous b) kinda angered at your common sense and seeing right through me" she's still A, because you're older than her and look much, much younger.. AND you're trying to improve on her failed formula. all of this coming to light must've had her gritting her teeth like MAD.

    - you were right, that WAS all that mattered @ DLD... the endless parading of vanity, as usual. nobody says they want to create a "View"-like program or Oprah atmosphere only to mouth off later about wanting to make "fuck you money" and rambling incoherently about wanting to go to HBS for credential purposes -- way to contradict there.

    - don't get the part about "insane schedules" that she can easily pare down if she really wanted to. if your "insane schedule" is supposedly orchestrated towards getting content for your site, THEN you fail to deliver what comes from that very same "insane schedule"? loss. in fact, why not pare down the ENTIRE PRODUCTION if the current "overdoing it" manner of operation is making it so difficult to deliver quality? right, because the point of excessive production value is to portray legitimacy that seriously isn't there, a fact that would be made more obvious if the format weren't as glossy as it is.

    - comment about meg's posts are absolutely a dig at meghan, and effed up (and probably having to do with people pointing out m's very visible digust that's been popping up lately). kinda like dan's "you're always photographed with anorexic people" comment (who is she most commonly photographed with) at which point the conversation continues with no protesting or defense of that nonsense of any kind whaaatsoever

    - nice person? won't even touch that, seriously. her OWN posts dating back 3+ YEARS AGO and behavior that took place before she was this nobody broadcasting her life for public consumption (oh wait, that's been always, really) indicate something else. sorry JA, just because you say it doesn't make it true and doesn't mean people will buy it. you aren't transparent about your business dealings, but honey, YOU ARE TRANSPARENT.

    she is the same person today as she was as a freshman at indiana, nobody in DC, and transfer to gtown. that she hasn't grown is very sad, and evidence that for all her talk of "consciousness" she hasn't absorbed a damn thing. not judging people? really? k, then perhaps let your detractors have their voice and try not to judge them for simply not liking you and your idiocy. let's try that.

  9. Errr Julia, life handing people experiences for the purpose of inspiring consciousness would apply to YOU more than anyone who might be watching the three of you trip over your foolishness. Trying to start a business that has no real purpose but earning you money to do nothing and hopefully making you into celebs or "experts" - never happening either way - in this economy is laughable at best. Life has been trying to expand your consciousness! Mainly by tell you for years that YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. Your interchanging false happiness/sadness mood swings, multiple personality/behavioral changes over the years that are still pretty consistent with everything that's 'wrong' about you (Dan, the custodian of your memories who has actually known your evolution over longer timespans and probably sympathizes with your insanity solely for that reason) plus your "exhaustion" and being "stressed out" are the signs from life that you're continually choosing to ignore. But um, good luck with all that.

  10. OMG Scary! she was trying to Plaaaaaaaaaaaaay you BIG TIME.

    Julia's to do list:

    1)make her think i'm nice ("i've always been a nice person")

    2)no seriously MAKE HER THINK I AM A NICE PERSON! (i mean genuinley-seriously no joke, no lies- i am a retardedly rIdiculously nice person")--side note-- I CANNOT BELIEVE SHE SAID THAT, WOW.

    3)butter her up
    ("you're gorgeous!"-you totally are but seriously she was trying to play you)

    4)act like a pathetic puppy so she cant citicize me (i'm exausted" "can barely make ends meet")

    5)keep in mind this is Mary's biggest critic on the web soooo... KISS HER ASS and act like we are BEST FRIENDS!! sell out Mary and Meghan, tell her you support her project, lots of smiley faces, act like you can relate to her, refer to her as "girl",

    6)when she tells me what to tell Mary to do tell her "listen, you have hurt my friend with your blog for months what the hell makes you think that now I am going to tell her what to do because YOU SAY SO! you have balls you know that! You would be lucky to be half the woman that she is!! you have no idea the shit that she goes through on a daily basis and still holds her head up high. GO F*CK YOURSELf!

    OOOPS! I meant:

    tell her "I hear ya. I'll speak with her"

  11. Anon 10:12: Thank you for such a well thought out comment. I think you probably spent more time on putting thoughts together for that comment than Julia has spent on a weeks worth of posts.

    Lionella: LMA-fucking-O

    All you guys have brought up some amazing and hilarious points. And inspired some more thought. Indulge me.

    Funny, she asks to talk to me... initially it was coffee, face to face. Um. Why did she assume I live in NY? Why did she never think to check my IP address? That would be the first thing I would do if I was trying to figure out who this mean blogger was. Email them, check IP. It only tells you around where they live but it narrows it down to state and city. The whole wide world is not in NYC, dear. She wanted to hear my feedback? She'd owe me one? Why? Why mine? Just weird. Because all this wound up being was an opportunity for me to ask her questions and for her to evade them. I felt the majority of what she said was insulting to my intelligence. What was her motive? What did SHE want from that? She has the TIME to sit and IM with me, a reblogging bitch you don't even know... but she doesn't have the TIME to take some real time in thinking through a post that makes people think about something other than annoying pink glitter that wont wash off?

    She talks about how she is working working working. I am currently self-employed during an economic crisis. I am 29 years old and I have lived entirely independent of my parents since I was emancipated probably around the same age as when Julia's Daddy bought her her first car to crash. Don't tell me about working hard. You aren't qualified. On top of the million things I do in a day to maintain my various projects, some creative and some to pay the bills... I am also designing every aspect of Life on Blast ON MY OWN. Not paying a designer. I'm okay at it but I'm not like, super designer. So far, no programmers for fancy "Question of the Day" boxes that have proven to be SO successful and worth the money. There won't be any sound stages and vanity lighting. Not to start, and even if we could... it wouldn't be like THAT. As I said in our IM, there are some really great features like forums and commenting etc. out there that are either free or reasonably priced, can be customized with probably less than moderate html or css knowledge. When you are starting something, especially in these trying times... why not find advertisers you want to associate yourself with by experimenting with various assets on the web already and using them. And first showing what you can do before you brag about it. Just a little. And that means RESULTS, not a pretty face. The geeks might get giddy from your perfume for a while but if you don't have the intellect, life experience, and innovative ideas (not horizontal scrolling that doesn't work. ever.) eventually the air clears and out you go with last years iPhone. You don't have to create hype when there is something good there in the rawest form. Idealist maybe, but I believe it. I um, ahem, life differently. "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!", yes exactly. Emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, strategically... WRONG. It's sad. But some people never do live up to their full potential.

    Some have said I am just plain mean and I go too far. You're entitled to that but I don't see it that way and I won't insist I'm nice because sometimes I am. But sometimes I am plainly not. And I don't think there is anything wrong with that. That is the human condition and I don't buy into faking it. I happen to think it's going too far when Mary says pretty much, "listen to me young girls, even the New York Times backs me up on this. ALL the girls are getting boobs for High School graduation. DO IT!"

    WHAT. THE. FUCK. ARE. YOU. ACTUALLY. SAYING?!?! That a young girl whose body is still developing, along with her self image at that age, should indulge and validate her absolutely normal insecurities and undergo what is a serious surgery... for big titties? /me sighs... Where do I line up to give you the finger? I better wear flats because I have a feeling the line will be a long one. This is only one example. Of the moral gutter-ness I have seen. If you want to do that on your own time and on your own dime on your own blog: WORD. I do not care. At all. But when you start shilling dated and dysfunctional dating tips, or continue to promote a cleanse that your same NYT said was BS... you're on a different playing field. Grow up and take some responsibility, accountablity. Take your feedback seriously where it should be and not where it shouldn't be. Learn from it and evolve, don't dig your heels in like a spoiled brat who IS having her party not matter WHAT you say. Then you EARN respect dear. Or you don't.

    And they all talk about how they are barely making ends meet but then show an over abundance of staged and posed photos of them globetrotting in private planes and wearing designer clothes and eating out almost every night. That doesn't really back the "barely making ends meet" thing. Oh and didn't you buy those boots in Davos? And weren't you just shopping for jeans? Cry me a fucking river. What's with the woe is me shit? Others priorities are not the same as yours.

    Julia has never had to concern herself with such trivial things as responsibilities. I stood up for her once in RBNS when someone said she used a "date rape" situation to get out of some school responsibility. Maybe not so much defended as posed the option that we don't know for sure, we weren't there and it would take a deeply disturbed individual to either lie about or exploit that kind of circumstance. But then I see these other sides of her. She just did the same thing re: Dan and fashion week. That made me SICK to my stomach. There is someone I care for VERY much who is battling with Cancer: again. If you are going to post about his struggle, GOOD. Want to really HELP your friend? Why don't you use whatever writing skill you have to write the most amazing article for him and link it up to a charity and DO SOMETHING other than make a mockery of what is going on in the world with everything you do. In the real world, you can't just NOT show up to WORK because you have something tragic to deal with. Even more so if you are trying to build your own business. It's a rough world, kiddo, and there will always be a new weed sprouting. Growing up sweetie means learning how to handle all of those things, cope, find a balance, have some grace, some composure... and learning how to juggle it all without dropping the ball. You aren't in high school anymore.

    It wasn't too hard to look at NonSociety and go, wait... I can do that but... not like that. At. All. ;) Come on... it's just a bunch of blogs linked together with a still vague concept. They've had this for almost a year I think... um. Really. This is it? LOL ok. Well it's not even laid out in a user friendly way to keep the people who MIGHT like it coming back. Sometimes to start off with, less is more. And then you build upon progress.

    I always wonder why the parents in these situations continue to enable such developmental dysfunction in their children. How old is Julia turning? It's pathetic. Excuse me. It's obnoxious. Ungrateful. They have paid their dues, raised their kids... well. I'm not sure about the second one but you see where I'm going with this. She will never cut HERSELF off. So they need to just do it. Skydive, little one. You'll be fine but you need to friggin learn.

    What was cute and "Elle Woods" when you were in college is immature, gauche, and just plain annoying to the rest of the world once you are closer to 30 than 20. OBVS.

    I'm not perfect. We all have our own dysfunctions. But what baffles me is her resistance to admit to hers. She admits to what is easy to rationalize away in her own head. As you pointed out, 10:12... her ego is so fragile that she can't even seem to handle acknowledging when she is corrected for a mistake: but she'll fix it as thought she came up with the right answers all on her own.

    I have had people literally email me over an incorrect punctuation. Touche. I've fixed it, and acknowledged it. That to me, highlights not only a comfort in ones skin and with ones self, but just how petty a complaint that is. I pick on Mary for her spelling mistakes because these girls say it's their job. Well, when I am "working", I check my spelling. I take pride in my work. It's a reflection of me, and my abilities. I don't expect to stay employed, self or otherwise, if I can't even get grade school spelling down when I have full use of spell check. I would fire anyone I hired who presented final work to me with that many mistakes on a regular basis. I wouldn't represent my company that way either. That's the angle they chose. Commercial. Cisco sponsorship. Oprah, The View. Crap crap crap. You can't fool all the people all the time. I think if you just be yourself... the "sponsors" the investors the hype that Julia as tried to fabricate... it will come together on it's own because of shared vision. Not because of bright pink lights.

    Do these girls have any idea what's going on in the world around them? After over a year of Julia Allison pictures all of the pink and the tutu's and the cupcakes are making me ill. This is a GROWN WOMAN. It's almost perverse. It's disturbing. It's Britney Murphey's character in Girl, Interrupted not Cher Horowitz.

    Whew. I needed to get that out. I say this because I get all kinds of emails asking me who what where when why how... kudos and psychos and everything in between and well... I just wanted to get this out. Because it's real and on my mind. Fuck it.


  12. * To save myself a forseeable pain in the ass:

    I was paraphrasing Mary about the boob job issue, but in ESSENCE that is how it read to ME. Outside of the "do it!" part though, that's pretty much what she said.

  13. I'm not reading thru the rest of the comments before posting this so my apologies if being redundant here but, Julia - if your mom, boss, bf are all criticizing you - hello? Isn't that time to take a deep breath, suck it up and, I don't know, listen to them?

  14. ScaryMary, I really have faith that you can do what NS tried to do... you're gorgeous! I would love to hear about your life as a freelance make-up artist. I'm excited about your venture and truly wish you the best.