Thursday, February 19, 2009


Fall 2009 fashion trend prediction: RIDICULOUSLY GIANT FUZZY HATS!

1) Michael Kors ridiculously giant fuzzy neon pink hat and ridculously giant fuzzy neon orange hat
2) Milly ridculously giant fuzzy hanging pom-poms hat
3) DVF ridculously giant fuzzy multi-colored pompom hat

Now, what have we learned from the NYT Style section? Three is a trend!

Three isn't a trend, it's a clever list of your own links to give those page views cardio. There's nothing wrong with that really, unlike hiding keywords in your coding, posting links to your own pages is a legit way to boost page views. When done cleverly.

And something I have been meaning to say regarding your comments to me about the Google accusations. I really fucking resent that you directly said I was "making things up". You really do truly think you are smarter than everyone. One should never assume they are smarter than a stranger. Bad strategy. Always assume the other one is smarter than you and you will do much better chosing your approach. Anyway I digress, the point is Julia that I know a thing or two (or three) about html. I'm no programmer, but I know my way around building websites. Your coding we are talking about had the word HIDDEN in it. Um. They also appeared in an area of your coding that was NOT in the same place as where the responses were. An area not accessable from the "outside".

Tip # 589,458: Assume a blogger knows something about these things.

Back to the topic at hand:

What does seem to be a trend is not crediting your tips, your corrections, or your images. Though you can still make out Demetri Martin's name, since you lifted his graphic and put your name on it (crossing his off... hmm where did I recently see that done to a graphic?) the least you could do is make the image a link that would take a reader to his website. Where you lifted. The. Picture. From.

A little bit of respect out might garnish a little bit of respect in. But you just suck it dry, Julia, you really do. It's almost self-destructive.


  1. SM,

    Which pic did she take? I don't think I saw it. Or has it been removed by now?