Thursday, February 19, 2009


Honestly, I’m thrilled to see a higher heel with another label on it besides YSL. CL has been way too conservative for the last few years, I’m glad to see them spike up the game!

Who is "CL"? Not everyone will "just know". I mean you can hardly spell all of their names, and you assume others will just know them now with initials? Aren't you at Philip Lim here? Let me guess. Another typo. iPhones don't spell check. Whatever excuse, I even skim my text messages for mistakes, it's just a habit of pride I guess. Make an effort at intelligence and some of it might just rub off on you. Try. A. Little. Harder.


  1. Um, in all fairness I think she means Christian Louboutin - the label of the shoes.

  2. Um, I know that.

    My point wasn't that I didn't know. My point was that when writing a blog post related to fashion you should write the designers name out completely and not just use initials because you are lazy or it's too hard to spell. Just like when she "covers" awards shows and refers to actors by their first names only or posts no names at all. Not only is it unprofessional but somewhat disrespectful.

  3. I think it is fair to assume that mostly everyone will know what those shoes are from the red sole. I get what you are saying isn't one worth the fight.

  4. i know NOTHING about shoes. i am soooo not the type of girl who's going to drop whatever insane $$ for louboutins. honestly, the most expensive pair of shoes i've ever bought are steve maddens.

    the point is, i had no fucking clue what she was talking about when she wrote "CL." maybe she'd argue that she's not writing to me, but ... aren't i kind of their audience? young, moderately well-off white female?

  5. Yes, she could/should have spelled it out. But my point was that you also seemed to think she made a typo, which I don't think was the case.

  6. "I mean you can hardly spell all of their names, and you assume others will just know them now with initials?"

    and then as another option... maybe it wasn't laziness...

    "let me guess... typo"

    So... both, really. I was conjecturing, it could have been either.

    Either way it's bad form.