Thursday, February 19, 2009


Then I saw the back … ehhhh … if it makes the model look like SirMixALot candy, I think I’ll stay away from it.

This isn't a comment about your body, this is a comment about your perspective. If you talk about how you feel you have gained weight (which you do) then that doesn't line up with you commenting that someone else, let alone a model... looks like "SirMixALot candy".

Don't candy-dish it out if you can't take it.


  1. plus, that model is, well, model sized, which is more than apparent - even in an unusually-shaped skirt. JA doesn't know anything about fashion, she just looks at outfits and tries to imagine herself in them. Her 'coverage' is so weak.

  2. i just noyiced this:

    Labels: * Snobbery, * Vanity Insanity,

    haha perfect JA description.

    ya know if someone was saying that she had a big butt (♫ and i cannot lie ♫) then she would start complaining about how the internet needed to be policed and saying that her friends are anorexic...oh wait.

  3. she is so retarded. again, i know nothing about fashion, but even just aesthetically i can see that this shape is beautiful. why is she so fucking obsessed with her weight? it's so boring.

  4. I agree that JA's coverage of Fashion Week was as lame and ego/self-driven as the rest of her lifecast, but I think you need to be fair with your criticism. In this post she is obviously not calling the model fat. In fact, she is saying that a design that makes even a skinny model look frumpy (I disagree and happen to like the design, but I digress) would not be flattering to a normal person's figure, such as her own. There's enough real stuff to mock and criticize that it discredits your site to attack something that is obviously not meant how you interpret it.