Thursday, February 19, 2009

JA isn't the only one who might require a serious intervention.


Trying to get A drunk enough to stay for Christian Siriano at 6. He doesn’t stand a chance.

Don't get me wrong, I drink too. But you seem to drink A LOT, and are you really posting EVERY time you drink? Because just what I am seeing you post makes it seem like you can't enjoy yourself without alcohol and that's a tell tale sign.


  1. While I am partial to Mary at all, I should say that these "Mary is an alcoholic" posts are really inappropriate. You cannot speculate that she has a dependence on alcohol from her blog posts.

    There is a lot to criticize about the NonSociety girls (body image being one of them), but I really don't know where you are getting the alcohol thing from.

    I enjoyed this blog, but it is getting too mean spirited. You've gone from somewhat thoughtful criticism (although you are no Baugher or RBNS) to full on hate. It's kind of scary to watch. Maybe you should tone it down a bit.

    And really, stop communicating with Julia. It makes you look like a psychotic stalker.

  2. Excuse you, darling... but get your facts straight. Julia wrote to ME asking to talk to ME. After a time, I did. She then EMAILED ME. I replied. Once.

    If you don't like my blog don't read it. Or, come talk shit and just let it all out, hun. Vent.


  3. And alcohol does seem to be involved in the majority of her social (and professional) outings.

    Agree or don't, that's what's so great about opinions. But don't you dare ask another to tone down their self expressions. What is it with people's self appointed entitlement to censor others lately? It seems to be contagious. You got something to say? Start a blog and say whatever you want, I don't care.

    Or don't and STFU.

    According to JA herself unless you "physically" are hurting someone... why judge? Right?

    "xo" Bitch

  4. Why do you care so much about these girls to send so much time on this negative project? You are making yourself look like the looser by being a bully.
    Grow up.

  5. To answer your questions since you are asking after I've already posted my answer to that, I'll paste it here:

    Oh and anon 12:01: it's "loser" dear:

    Why is any of this important?
    Let's examine for a hot second some of the topics we explore amidst the immature teasing:

    * Disclosure in advertising/accountability
    * Backdating posts
    * Claiming coverage of events that never come, statements from programmers that never come
    * Scamming Google for page views and lying about it. Repeatedly.
    * Censorship and the relationship between NS and Tumblr
    * Charlsie's internship Tumblr which is still not restored though Baugher and the rest have been
    * Using images without permission or credit

    To start.

    I would be just as vocal with any company, group, individual... who puts themselves in a position of giving advice or being a role model and then shows these kinds of values.