Monday, January 26, 2009

BAUGHER IS BACK: Yes we can.


Our Handmaiden of Passive Aggression: Our Handmaiden wasn’t an Obama supporter - something about the proud Texas tradition of assuming your parents’ politics - but she was not above posting a few pics of her reaching across the proverbial aisle, to shake the unclenched fists of those who thought she might be able to set them up with Leven.

BUT! She caught the magic Obama rainbow hope-flu and gave us this:

We, as a nation of moral, democtaic (sic and hic) people, wouldn’t be where we are today if the leaders who had the balls to push the boundaries let themselves be silenced.
All men are created equal. That took a while. So have hope. One day, we’ll get there with the issues that continue to plague us today. Gay marriage, abortion - they will all be inherent rights. Keep talking people. In fact, yell!

You know, we will get there. Her hair went from 1960 to 1990 in the recent past, and that did take a while. YES WE CAN!

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