Monday, January 26, 2009

Because I'm sure this will get deleted:


You might not care about them cheating for pageviews but there is a REASON Google cares, and a reason why other people in the industry have a problem with it. It is also unethical across the board, especially since they are using their “almost one million views per month” as clout to court “sponsors”. Re: deleting comments, that too is unethical. If you are going to delete posts there should be clear rules as to what will get deleted. What are they going to say? “Any comment that says anything about us we don’t like and that isn’t complimentary, will be deleted? The comment boards on ANY type of forum have comments that go both ways. Why are they the only ones who think this is okay? I only “posted links” to show people the proof I am talking about and where and how to report it if they so choose. You might choose not to, others will. I don’t think a website that has many unethical practices should be rewarded by corporate sponsorships, nor do I think this says very much about the people who are okaying these methods. Why is your comment slamming others comments allowed to stay up, but any comment slamming THEM isn’t? It’s also portraying a false image to anyone reading these comments, to only show the ones that put them in the best possible light. It’s fake. Like everything else about this site.

And though Julia is usually in my favor, I have to say that I am disappointed to have discovered this because Julia knows better. This type of “cheating” can have a website removed from Google, sometimes permanently. I don’t think that makes it a no big deal thing. Wake up.

Also re: posting links… why is it okay when other commenters do it? Its like you’re saying, it’s fine to slam just don’t slam US. It’s fine to post your link as long as your link doesn’t slam US.

If that’s what you want to do on your own PERSONAL websites and blogs, go for it. But a “public entity” should be handled differently.

Wasn’t that supposed to be what this site was going to show us? How to “live differently?”. This is the same bureaucratic type of stuff we hate when it’s coming from a bigger company (like Kodak, for example, readers would be going WILD if it was THEM pulling shady Google results etc. and a company like that NEEDS to know that the girls they are sponsoring are doing those kinds of things to avoid problems later, don’t you think?) They are also propagating every single cliche that has kept women FROM being empowered. Women don’t need to cheat to be successful, we can do it and earn it from our own hard WORK (another thing these girls have no concept of).

This website uses shady practices to get higher Google rankings!

This is the link that shows the “illegal” coding:

And THIS is where you can report this unscrupulous activity to Google:



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