Monday, January 26, 2009

From The Peanut Gallery

My very first email from a reader! YAY! I openly invite more… what fun!

From: [redacted]
Sent: Friday, August 15, 2008 3:59:14 PM
Subject: heinous bitch mail

I discoverd Mary Rambin last night at about midnight. For two hours I occupied myself trying to figure out exactly who she is. After the first post I read of hers where she refers to herself as getting “spotted”, I knew she must be important. And she is! Self-important! But really, I can’t. stop. watching. So now I’m following you, and loving it.

But I would like to say… if you are going to call her out on her spelling errors (i.e. taut vs taught), stop using “awe” instead of “aw”! Come on! We gotta be better than the heinous bitch! “Awe” is like when you are impressed by something (eg I am in awe of your beauty). “Aw” is the interjection used to express disgust, as you are intending to use the word.

This is not post-worthy, but it drives me nuts how she mixes up the order of adjectives. The only example I can think of is when she is interviewing those denim designers and says ‘these are my favorite new jeans”, when she is meaning to say “these are my new favorite jeans”.

I could say so much more. I will not,


Dear [redacted]
LOL you’re so cute. And you’re right, I used the wrong spelling twice and the right spelling once (I actually just sat and checked the blog for this, because I am that anal about these things). I do try to watch that and seldom slip, good eye! I think if those are the only two mistakes out of all the post’s I’ve done, my spelling abilities probably qualify as better than “that heinous bitch”, LOL. I’m glad the blog amuses you… if it’s nearly as much as she amuses me it’s worth the mere seconds it takes to scribble out the things that so easily pop into my mind when reading her blog.

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