Monday, January 26, 2009


Dear Mary,

I need help!! I bought a silk scarf from Banana Republic (50% off) today but I have no idea how to wear it. I tried a few different ideas below but I don’t think the ‘flight attendant’ or the ’60s chick’ is quite my thing. Style advice needed!

Thank you!





I’m going to be honest with you. I’m not a fan of the scarf. It’s not because you found it in the sale bin. There are a lot of fun finds in the clearance section.

BUT, you are so much trendier than this scarf. This scarf belongs on suburban mommies….wait…I know plenty of trendy mommies. It just doesn’t work (nor did it for the summer). You saw for yourself by tying it many different ways. I applaud your effort for thinking outside of the box.

Scarves for fall are knits, fur, faux fur, cashmere, or velvet. Paisley was last fall so put those away. Plaids are still hot (remember “Country Chic”). Silk is reserved for summer and old ladies.

Sorry G. My advice: return or burn.



Don’t burn what you just paid good money for. Unlike Mary, most of us don’t have obese Sugar Daddies to take care of us. If she had ANY fashion sense at all, even if she doesn’t like the pattern she can still give tips on different methods of wearing scarves. It’ not the scarf, G, it’s that she doesn’t seem to know her ass from her mouth.

Try tying it to the handles of a purse as a fun coordinating accent rather than wearing on your actual body. You obviously liked the pattern or you wouldn’t have bought it, but Mary seems to think it’s a bright idea to keep dissing the few readers who bother to write to her.

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