Monday, January 26, 2009

Head To Toe from Mary Rambin on Vimeo.


My Head To Toe for tonight’s dinner and birthday party.

My friend Jeff (who I trust) told me I look best when I blog myself without makeup. So I asked him, in the dim light of Bond Street, do I have on too much makeup now? His response, “No, you look great, very natural.” I then showed him the picture I took waiting for the subway (see a few posts back), and he said, “oh no, that’s too much.” Same night, same makeup, it all depends on the lighting. I knew I was going to be in dim lighting, so I wore more dramatic makeup.

Either way, I promised I would post Scary Mary no makeup face tomorrow. View at your own risk.


Have you guys ever noticed that Mary speaks like a Pageant queen?


“Hi guys! Long time no head to toe!” Are you fucking kidding me with this FAKENESS? Ew. How I long to slap thee.

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