Monday, January 26, 2009

Highlights from the newest “TMI Weekly” episode:

This week their guest is the matchmaker, Lisa Ronis, that has been setting up our “dating columnist”. Right out the gate, passive aggressive insults fly:

Julia: Lisa, you’ve been a matchmaker for how many years?

Lisa Ronis: 9 years professionally, but I’ve been doing it my whole life. I happen to be nosy, I love to meddle in people’s business…

Mary: Julia, you’re in the wrong schtick.

Another example of how Non Society propagates dated stereotypes about females:

“If a guy is overweight, but he’s got that wonderful personality… but if a WOMAN is overweight… FORGET IT”

Love this part:

Lisa Ronis: I have a few girls that are cold, beautiful, and hard to read and that coaching has been unbelievable. (TO MARY) You know what even when I met you, you were a “slow starter” with me.

Slow starter? Nice way to say she was a bitch?

Something else I’m wondering is why Julia didn’t give any testimonial regarding her service, since she set Julia up on so many dates.

Another long commercial with nothing at all about “living differently”.


PS: Meghan contributed absolutely nothing.

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