Monday, January 26, 2009

I Wrote To NonSociety's Advice Box

* tesslynch:

As I said to Molly, instead of pass-aggy reblogs (not like those aren’t going to continue) I thought I’d look these women in the (advice) box while I question their motives for hawking a juice fast to younger chicks. One of them answered. Snores. Blueprint must be shelling out mad dough, yo.

* dearconbon:

Mary sez:

“Furthermore, it is better to eat less during the day and more at night so that the food doesn’t rot while it is blocked in your system. If you have a heavier dinner, your body can digest it while you sleep.”

This is exactly the type of informed, clear thinking that Regina George used when eating those super weight gain protein bars.

* karion:

I am STILL blinking. Did she just say that you digest better when you are sleeping, rather than awake? Oh sweet Jesus. Just remember where she went to school, Conbon.

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