Monday, January 26, 2009


Lilly is sooo done with this meeting.

JA is workin’ the SearchMe tank, gotta the love tech schwag!


I will say this. Julia your arms look FAB in this pic.

I want to explain something. Julia gets grief but not from me. Why? I think she is a strong, bright, HUSTLER who used her brains AND her looks to get where she wants to go and WHATS SO WRONG WITH THAT? If people weren’t eating it up, she’d have changed her game up. She adapts. She has built something. On her own. Based on what doesn’t matter. I respect that. She is open about her mistakes and her great ideas, what has worked and what doesn’t. She is relatable to a certain demographic and I guess that’s me.

And Meghan. Also beautiful, also well educated. She seems to have a GENUINE personality and to be honest I could be wrong but I don’t really believe her father supports her. If she made a good living and made good investments, I am sure she can afford to float for a little while while getting a start up off the ground. Like I said I could be wrong but it’s believable where it comes to her.

But Mary. Mary made her purses. Good for her. I mean that. But year after year its the SAME EXACT SHAPE over and over in different fabrics. I have never seen one in ANY store I shop at and I shop EVERYWHERE. I do not believe she is making enough money to “float” like Meghan or Julia. Teaching spin class won’t do it either. Not the way she shops. She claims to be a style blogger but every other entry is about what is “classic” or what is “in right now” and admits openly that “this isnt groundbreaking but…”. She isn’t the best writer, nor the best stylist, and come on: the fuck you to Frangry, the attitude she gave that girl who blogged her outfit, the hypocritical opinions about the SAME shoes (posted below). I mean there just doesn’t seem to be anything youthful, exciting, ORIGINAL or GENUINE about this girl at ALL. She annoys me. So fuck her.

There’s something about Mary…

That makes almost ALL of her reblogs turn out to be people talking shit and telling her off. I am sure she is a good person but I just don’t think this “public eye” thing is for her.

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