Monday, January 26, 2009


I’m reading the Question of the Day after a fantastic evening of good food, witty company, and ridiculous karaoke. And I hear from the captain of the boat I’m being bashed on my own website.


You people have no manners. Didn’t your parents teach you to be cordial in public? Congrats you get to hide behind a screen name when you answer, or rather say whatever the fuck you feel like, on our Question of the Day page.

Yes, I am on a nice vacation. Yes, I am still broke. Yes, I am a lucky bitch for being able to travel the way I do. And I appreciate every second of it. I don’t have to share it with you…but I do. You want a piece of my life, here it is.

And as for the other negative comments…especially about my mother, fuck you all. She is one of the most amazing people I know. You don’t know her. All you have to know is that she is reve(red) by everyone she knows and raised a child you can appreciate or shun. YOUR CHOICE.

The Question of the Day page is a forum for discussion about that question. If you want to be critical, send your comment to Gawker. If it’s valid, I promise they will post it.

Now, attempt to have a pleasant holiday. Drink too much. Each chocolate. But get the hell off my shoulders, my mother, my vacation, and leave us alone.

I contemplated not sharing this trip because of people being hyper critical. I went against my gut because it’s a fun experience I thought you might enjoy. Pictures will come in the future, but not at the same frequency.

Goodnight for now.


I’m coming in on this a little late. I didn’t catch Mary’s rant about all this, but I was able to find it reposted. I’m sure you can imagine my eagerness to sink my teeth in.

Mary. Listen. You aren’t wrong for accepting a free trip on a yacht to spend time with your mommy. That’s not the issue here. What IS the issue is that you are posting pictures in excess, of this, during a time when the economy is shot to shit. Tens of thousands of people are losing their jobs every day who do NOT have mommies and daddies (sugar, or otherwise) to sponge off of. People with children to feed.

Even the fashion industry, a luxury industry (and you SHOULD know this) is showing respect to this economic time. Numerous well known designers have pulled out of New York fashion week and opted to do more low key presentations rather than showing in Bryant Park. Shameless displays of wealth only accomplishes in making those who are struggling in serious and real ways very angry and resentful. DUH.

“Get a fucking life”? I have New Years plans that involve friends my own age. I too blog, outside of this one, and currently write about things a little more reachable to the average reader than I used to because even I can not afford as much Louis Vuitton as I used to. It is almost unpatriotic.

“You people”. Didn’t YOUR parents teach YOU to be cordial? It’s like sitting in front of a starving child from a Third World country and chowing down on a steak dinner right in front of them, and then going “What? I just thought the kid might enjoy seeing it.”

He doesn’t.

What irritates me further is that you continuously “admit” to being “broke” when you obviously don’t have a fucking clue what that means. Broke people often times HAVE to turn down a wonderful FREE trip on a yacht BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO ACTUALLY WORK and can not miss the days. Broke people can not afford gym memberships, juice fasts, colonics, botox, restylane, etc.

You aren’t broke, you’re broken.

“I don’t have to share it with you…but I do. You want a piece of my life, here it is.” You say this as though you don’t have to share this with us but you do because we are all just pleading with you to PLEASE tell us every detail of your life and every vapid thought that runs through your empty head. No one besides Julia ever asked you to. And no one really wants a piece of your life. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU REALLY ARE?

I skimmed the comments you talk about here and I didn’t really see anything said about your mother. If I missed it, fine, I’ll give you that. But if you don’t like the negative things said about her THEN DON’T BLOG ABOUT HER. Anything you blog is open for comment. You KNOW THAT BEFORE YOU POST IT. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. There will be good comments and bad ones. Every person isn’t going to agree with you, like what you say, love you, etc. And really, dear, if way more people are telling you that something is offensive, IT PROBABLY IS. Rather than curse everyone out everytime you can’t take the heat, either quit blogging, screen yourself, or shut the fuck up.

“If you want to be critical, send your comment to Gawker.” Ok so no one can comment on your Non-Business website unless they are praising you or kissing your non-existant ass? “Leave us alone.”??? Leave US alone. Obviously NO ONE really seemed to like or appreciate your endless stream of slightly embarassing pictures of you with your big mouth open wearing the same fucking outfits we’ve seen a million times in the same tired ways that didn’t work in the first place. Making an excuse for your still and always fugly hair, self-consciously, in every post, while at the same time speaking and behaving as though anyone who dare say you are flawed should be condemned.

When you said to get off your shoulders… did you mean for that to be a pun?

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