Thursday, January 29, 2009


Meet NYX lipliner that is so amazing, it brings my butt all the way to the ghetto.


The ghetto? You obviously don’t know the ghetto. The areas around USC are definitely not gentrified, but it isn’t the ghetto. Take a trip over to Crenshaw Blvd. and then we’ll talk ghetto.


  1. "all the way to the ghetto."

    thanks for reminding us how far away you are from 'the ghetto', lest we forget how "rich" you are and upper class.

  2. If you can move this comment, that would be awes. :-)

    Seriously, MR is Frenching her goddamn dog. A Bachelor contestant said that she would be Frenching her dog when she got home as well (it was after she was eliminated)--either way, it's not right! And if she really loved her dog, she'd figure out a way to live someplace on a permanent basis, because that dog is all kinds of cute.