Monday, January 26, 2009


One topic I didn’t write about much this week - the restaurants I visited. Per a reader’s request for more food commentary, here are my comments on the four places I indulged at this week: Le Cirque, Babbo, Morimoto, and Sapporo East.

This experience was my first at Le Cirque. I walked into a wine bar full of banker douchebags and women who were impeccably dressed. I mean, dressed to a T, I wouldn’t change a thing. If you’re looking to pick up a wealthy, arrogant rich guy, this would be the bar to grab a drink. Just make sure you’re wearing something spectacular, otherwise, you’ll get eaten alive.

In the restaurant, the atmosphere is a little corporate and stuffy, but everyone seemed to be enjoying their group’s conversation. As for the food…The new chef Christophe Bellana did not disappoint me. I ordered the cod wrapped in crispy potatoes (which I later learned is a Daniel Boulud dish) that was perfectly prepared. To finish I ordered the chocolate souffle. WRONG CHOICE. Thank goodness my friend ordered the chocolate fondant which was gooey and spectacular.

Here’s what I would suggest Le Cirque for:

  • A celebration with a group
  • A man trying to impress his date
  • Corporate dinner with clients you can expense
  • Wine lovers who enjoy paring their favorite vintages with sliders
  • Golddiggers looking to take a trip sometime soon


Golddiggers looking to take a trip sometime soon.” HA! Mary Rambin nails it again.

Would that Frank Bruni were as service-y!


Unfortunately, I’m reading “American Psycho” right now, and this blog just fits in too much. I’m practically waiting for the next blog to describe something terrifically gruesome and disgusting with electricity and nail scissors.

Hm. I wonder if Patrick Bateman would blog?

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