Monday, January 26, 2009


See wrinkles. Not just my imagination.


LMAO!!!!! No one is arguing with you on that one. We don’t call ya Scary for nuthin’.


  1. wow. i'm 25 and don't look a THING like that. that's scary. i think gaining a little weight wouldn't hurt her, especially in her face

  2. We ALL have wrinkles like that when we raise our eyebrows. There's nothing wrong with the way Mary looks, but there is no need for all these injections. She only thinks she needs them because she's trying to look a lot younger.

    Being a feminist isn't trying to cater to some false sense of beauty, it's embracing who you are an recognizing the need for equality with men. Mary Rambin, you and your ilk are holding back the women's movement. I don't like you, but there is nothing wrong with the way you look. However, there is a lot wrong with the way that you think.

  3. Very well said, anonymous! And chescaleigh, where do you think she got her nickname, Scary? haha