Monday, January 26, 2009


This sucks.

Last minute trip to LA. I can tolerate the seat. But the trip home, my fingers are crossed for something more comfortable. (Almost a lost cause, I’m flying American.)

On another note: I hate that I helped to promote the fabulousness of Virgin. One way or another, people found out, and now their rates have doubled. Poop.


Aw, I’m sorry, did Daddy not put enough money in your bank account to buy designer shoes AND fly first class to LA (last minute)?

Are you serious?

Yes, granted, flying in the middle seat on a long plane ride sucks. Airports suck. The whole 9-11 thing really threw us all for a loop…..


Rewind: you and JA had to suffer through New York Fashion Week. Yeah, it must SUCK for a self-proclaimed stylist to sit through Fashion Week. Terrible. Horrible. Worst thing ever. It also appears as though you went to some of the BEST restaurants in New York City (and no one thinks you paid a single cent for any of those meals). And then you had a fashion shoot (sidenote: in which you weren’t the stylist). After a grueling week of sitting through fashion shows (which are pretty short), dining at amazing restaurants, getting your picture taken, CLEARLY time for a vacation.

Oh yeah, the rates for Virgin went up because of your tireless promotion on their behalf. The rising cost of jet engine fuel, the recession and Homeland Security regulations have nothing to do with the price of airfare going up. It’s all Mary Rambin’s fault: self important party of one.

Why am I so mean? BECAUSE YOU POSTED THE FINALISTS FOR PROJECT RUNWAY ON YOUR BLOG WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A WARNING THAT IT CONTAINED A SPOILER. But I guess someone of your level of success wouldn’t watch Project Runway as you already have an incredibly successful handbag line.

Wow, blogging is so exhausting. I can understand why you girls are so tired all the time. Maybe I should quit my 6 figure job that requires an advanced degree and become a professional blogger. Oh wait, it’s because I don’t have my parents sending me checks every week. I would say trust fund, but you probably spent yours on your fabulous education from USC (degree in television production, I wonder what the curve is in those classes) and shoes. Lots and lots of designer shoes.

So excited that Leven is back! Maybe she can steal one of your boyfriends now to make things even between you and JA.


Dear noninsanity,

I love you.

Love Always…

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