Monday, January 26, 2009

* meghanasha:

“I know you call it codependent, but I call it love.”

-Julia on our friendship

* juliaallison:

It’s safe to say we passed friendship a while ago. Total “sister” move to post this picture. The girls LOVE using these sailor shots despite the fact I can’t stand the dresses…and they know it!!!! We scream sorority sisters here. (It’s a total coincidence we were all Delta Gamma’s in college.)

Here’s the backstory. I usually style most of our shoots, but Julia always has a few visions of her own she wants to capture. I used to fight it, now I just capitulate and slip into the tutu, Musketeer costume…I’m sure there’s a slutty elf ensemble coming my way soon. Most of the time I have fun (lip dubs, etc), but you can see this was not one of those instances for me.

That’s the thing about sisters. You don’t always see eye to eye, fights can be a bit ferocious, but your sisters are always there with Kleenex when you have snot dripping down your face.

* megwhyte:

Georgetown doesn’t have recognized IFC fraternities or sororities. Why would someone lie about that?

* web20morons:

It’s starting to become pretty evident that the Twatwaffle Trio is starting to crack at the seams. Baugher off to business school, Asha-Parikh lining up a job at a comic book store, and DUM DUM Rambin waxing poetic about her “sisters” (well her real sister doesn’t want anything to do with her) as she’s looking to move out of NYC.

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