Monday, January 26, 2009


Just when I think I am caught up, she goes ahead and posts this doozy. First observation, look how much time she took to "defend" herself? Look at the pains she took, the length of it alone breaks records for her. But when writing about fashion and style, her "area of expertise", we get a sentence or two of the most unprofessional borderline offensive crap you have ever read.

I digress.

It's a shame that even when Mary takes such time with her writing, she still stands on quicksand. I am exhausted so I am going to try my best, please bear with me as the backing up of entries has me feeling kind of brain dead.

Mary still doesn't seem to get that pretty much every word she said propagates the stereotypes and images that created this monster.

She starts off by saying she is hesitant to write the post because of the "haters" (who could THAT be?). Good god girl, GROW UP.

It isn't shameful to care about how you look. What baffles me is that someone who seems to OVERstand how important "natural and healthy" is for the INSIDE of the body, doesn't seem to understand how that applies to the outside. You lay baking in the sun and then shrug off the wrinkles with Botox? You are putting your skin through an unhealthy cycle. There are PLENTY of other options for those little imperfections like the wrinkles of a 26 year old. You do NOT need to have in essence, a disease injected into your wrinkles to make them go away. Even microdermabrasion would be a way to rejuvenate your skin, rather than Botox, which does nothing to TREAT the skin. It is purely COSMETIC.

Mary says: "We should be allowed to choose how we evolve our lives without the judgement of others. If we ask for your opinion, please feel free to be open and honest, but otherwise, keep your trap shut."

I would agree with you if your blog was a PERSONAL blog. But you claim to be somewhat of a public figure (??) and you claim to be a "proffessional style blogger" which means that ask for it or not, NO ONE HAS TO KEEP THEIR TRAP SHUT. SO OBNOXIOUS, the way you talk to your readers, and I am NOT the only one who is growing tired of your BITCH ASS ATTITUDE.

Mary says: "Furthermore, as the NY Times pointed out the other day, boobs are now a standard high school graduation gift (and in my experience they have been for years now)."

First of all enough with the "furthermore". You are a college educated woman, why not show us that? More importantly I am ENRAGED that you put this in your article. It is proof positive how little you understand about the message you are sending. Or you are too DUMB to understand. "Furthermore" I want to see a link to this NYT article you keep referring to. I have a feeling you are warping the facts here. And in this topic, that is SO irresponsible!!!!!! BOOBS ARE NOT A STANDARD HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION GIFT!!!!!!! And for you to plant that idea in the impressionable minds of high school girls who will apply this BULL SHIT FACT to themselves... is DISGUSTING!

You have MAJOR body image issues. MAJOR. It is one thing to live a healthy lifestyle but you go WAY overboard. You watch EVERY SINGLE BIT OF FOOD THAT GOES IN YOUR MOUTH and you take us on that sick little trip with you every day. I think you have body dysmorphia. In a BAD way. You are the LAST person who should be doling out this advice.

Maybe for YOU it's bull shit to think that being confident is enough to be beautiful. But for a VAST majority of women, myself included, I would rather work at loving my curves, loving my lines should they appear, loving my imperfections for THEY MAKE ME WHO I AM. That doesn't mean I don't take good care of my skin, get facials, work out... I DO. But that is just a FACET of life, not something that you are so wrapped up in that 85% of your posts are about FOOD (or lack thereof) and working out.THAT IS NOT HEALTHY OR NORMAL and you need to stop talking as if it is, using unsubstantiated facts as your defense.

PS: It takes 7 days, not one day, for Botox to take effect. DIRECT LIE. Unlike you I will show a SOURCE for my information: Dr. Khazanchi: After the injection is given it takes about one week for the full effect of botox to show up.

She goes on to talk about judging but what Mary doesn't realize is she is judging herself more than even I am judging her. And that shows SO VERY MUCH that we all can't help but jump on that bandwagon right along with her. I mean enough already with this insecurety masked as I am confidently doing this, crap.

Mary says: "At the end of the day, do you really care what I inject where?"

No. I do not give a flying FUCK what you do to your self-abused body. What I DO care about is that you are saying, literally: "Young girls, listen to me."

That makes me SICK.


  1. I appreciate her relative honesty and openness (it's more than I can say for the other two) but her critical thinking and logic skills are somewhat lacking here.

    Not to mention I find all three of their attitudes about criticism, as expressed by Mary's "shut your trap" comment in this post, abhorent. Where do people get this idea that others are not to criticize them unless they specifically ask for input? Basically they don't believe in freedom of speech I guess. Only ass kissing allowed. It explains a lot about how they run their site at least. They seem completely unable to handle criticism of any sort.

    They are probably the only site claiming to want to create an online community but who can't even handle having comments enabled or having an open forum for members to communicate as they see fit. They as usual want the cake but to eat it too. In this case they want to be online exhibitionists but want to somehow control the input and feedback that results from that.


  2. You know, for as much as I dislike Mary and the others, I will give her credit for one thing - she (half the time) tries to make useful, informational videos. How to make green juice, how to not ruin a fresh pedicure, how to use cowbells at the gym.. She actually tries! That's more than we can say for JA who just rasps in her man voice and takes stupid videos of nothing (inaugural parade? I didn't see any parade, just raspy man voice) or of herself lip dubbing.

  3. Just wanted to give you a kudos for making The best way to undercut somebody's credibility on the internet is to "google bait" their name. Now anybody searching independently for Mary's name will also find this site. Tech Blogger Loren Feldmen successfully pulled this off with his nemesis Shel Israel.

  4. @ Anon 2:52

    There is a method to my madness... watch it unfold... haha



  6. Mary doesn't write her own blog posts. She dictates her "thoughts" to her intern, and the intern then constructs / translates it into English. Mary is doing the best she can. Poor dumb thing.