Monday, January 26, 2009

My first attempt at a dialogue:

I just emailed the following to Julia herself:

I thought I would ask you directly why it is that you are hiding keywords in your page codes, a practice that goes against Google’s policies? The other girls might not know better, but you certainly do. As I am sure you already know I have been reporting this to Google and encouraging other to do the same. This is cheating and this is bad business. I have tried, and continue to try to have your back as much as possible but you are the one in charge of this all, correct? You must have approved this illegal coding.

I would also love to hear your comments on the Blueprint cleanse debacle that is going on. This is being called unsafe and a scam by US magazine, the New York Times, and Gawker (ok some of those are more reputable than others, but still…).

When I said not so long ago that I wanted to root for you three at first I DID mean it. But it is things like this that have turned me, and a large bulk of your readers, completely OFF.
I thought it was about time I asked you directly about these things.


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