Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Non Society Violating Google TOS


One thing you definitely don’t want to do if you’re a budding web entrepreneur is get your site banned from Google. You might as well close up shop if you’re unlucky enough to get caught violating their Terms of Service.

Non Society is so desperate for traffic that they’ve put hidden keywords in their source code for such ridiculous keywords as “What Is Your Credit Status” in order to get high Google listing for totally unrelated search terms. This is a major violation of Google Terms of Service.

Shill those boob jobs, botox injections, colonics, and crash juice diets while you still can ladies. Your party is about to end.

* maryrambin:

In a nutshell, our public forums (Advice Box and QOD) were spammed three weeks after we launched them. Stay tuned for an official response from our programmer.

A little note from me. We don’t need to add keywords for page views. With hundreds of thousands of loyal readers, a handful of gossip sites, and a few nasty rebloggers, we’re doing just fine thanks. Thinking about it now, I really should write a thank you note to Denton for today’s Gawker and Jezebel posts. So many of their readers click once and become daily visitors.


Giving your “programmer” time to come up with a story to cover this up? It won’t work. There is NO SUCH THING as a “spammer” that would insert hidden keywords into your code. This benefits NO ONE but the site itself. And yes, you DO need to add keywords for page views. You are a NEW site, your content SUCKS, and even WITH the hidden keywords, which violates Google rules directly, based on the stats you post people are only viewing your website ONE TIME. Now, I know a lot of us are going to your page more than once, so WHERE ARE ALL THOSE EXTRA ONE TIME PAGE VIEWS COMING FROM? You are a dishonest, ignorant liar. You are NOT smarter than everyone else. And I hope upon hopes Google takes your BS website DOWN.

And why is it that when I emailed Julia about this, the hidden keywords were only taken off of the page I sent her? Once you see something that like, or discover something like that since you CLAIM it wasn’t done by you (which you of course HAVE to say, just in case Google DOES try to shut you down)… why not immediately check ALL your pages for this “spam” that can literally RUIN your business?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you can get all the colonics you want but you will still be FULL OF SHIT!

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