Monday, January 26, 2009

Seriously, this is starting to piss us off.
Posted by NSRB at 1:18 PM

The Trio of Banality consider their site “light entertainment” when it suits them; then they call themselves journalists when it suits them (at Sundance, for example).

Let us be clear: NS is NOT a journalistic venture. It has no established editorial guidelines, and though we’ve heard of Megan Alagna, their producer/editor, there really seems to be no kind of editorial oversight.

But what pisses us off the most is a comment that Mary Rambin keeps repeating: “I’m sure you already know this, but let me state it for those of you who don’t. Magazines give reccommendations based on brands that purchase ad pages. No transparency there.”

For the love of all things good and holy, THIS IS NOT TRUE. Mary, you are not a journalist. And you know nothing about editorial integrity or how major publications work. Trust us: One of us works for a national consumer magazine published by the largest publishing house in the country. Editorial and Advertising do not influence each other. We make recommendations all the time, and NEVER—EVER, EVER—do we make those recommendations because of our advertisers. This is called editorial and journalistic integrity. Our readers trust us not to bullshit them, and we do not violate this trust. Otherwise, all our content would be one big advertorial.
This is concept that has escaped you NS girls, and that’s fine. But you need to learn the facts before spreading untruths. Perhaps you should call up companies like Hearst, Conde Nast, Time Inc. and other major publishers to find out their editorial policy before you make your ridiculous assumptions.

Some of us actually practice journalism. We stake our reputations and our careers on our integrity. It is something we take seriously. It is not a joke.

Mary, PLEASE STOP SPREADING YOUR UNINFORMED BULLSHIT. You’re seriously starting to piss us off, and not in the fun way we enjoy.

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