Monday, January 26, 2009


Dear Mary,

When you started your blog, you touted it as a “style blog”. However this is the first actual style coverage you have done in quite some time. We’ve seen you flee home to mommy, we’ve seen a play by play of your free-ride yacht trip, we’ve seen your claws come out giving attitude to Julia, we’ve seen you make an ass out of yourself at CES… but no fashion. Now, you finally decide to do a post on the Golden Globes four days later. If you are going to post about an event like this that late, I would think you would put some real time into what you are writing, going a little further in depth than maybe the other blogs out there, adding a value to your posts. With 4 days to prepare for this kind of posting, I would expect to see not only your “critique” (if you could call it that) of what they are wearing, but who the designer and stylist was for each of the dresses and outfits you are talking about. Maybe a more in depth explanation for your lackadaisical commentary. Lazy. It isn’t just PR, you have to be good at what you do. And I’m sorry but this is hardly even mediocre.

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