Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So soupsoup once said all this shit below there about credit for original content or ideas on tumblr (he’s for it, apparently). And he lives by that, obviously. He’s like always blogging content and ideas that are original…to someone anyway (also he spells “missile” the same way Julia Allison does, but that’s neither here nor there). For instance, his recent insinuation that he independently discovered Nonsociety Sourcegate, which the blogger at There’s Something About Mary has been talking about nonstop for days: on her own tumblr, at Reblogging Nonsociety, in Gawker comments just hours before soup’s scoop, and elsewhere (seriously, she won’t stop talking about it). She even emailed Julia Allison about it. Also on RBNS, she says she had to explicitly ask soupsoup for the hat tip that was given. What a crazy coincidence it is then that this prolific reblogger would have thought “Hey, I’m gonna take a look at Nonsociety’s source code for some reason!” just a few days after the information he supposedly dug up was being posted all the fuck over the internet. I mean, he *has* had such strokes of insight before. Bravo, soupsoup, for the investigative work. You deserve all that credit for your innovative, original content. Fight the Nonsociety power!


lets face it, none of us are doing this not to be noticed. we slam julia allison and the like for their unabashed desire for attention. anyone who blog, who creates, who puts whatever out into the universe via tumblr or whatever platform of their choosing is hoping for an audience, and want credit for what they post on their tumblrs.

i had a conversation with blakeley of gawker tonight at the thrillist party about how some tumblrs are upset that gawker reblogs items they find without giving the tumblr where they discovered it proper credit.

blakeley has a tumblr of his own, and his take is that

a) its difficult to track who tumbled it in the first place (which i dispute as the original tumblr is usually tagged at the top, unless someone stripped it, which is poor tumblr etiquette)

b) its not the tumblr’s original content in the first place as they’ve simply found something from another source anyway.

i see his point in b, but if its actually something a tumblr created from scratch they deserve due credit, to which he seemed to agree.

i think that sort of settles the gawker vs tumblr turf war. at least for me it does. if you’re looking for credit, and attention, be original. create something.

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