Monday, February 2, 2009

From the QOD, by a poster named "becky":

“I think most posters have a valid point but I think really it’s falling on deaf ears. You’d think after hosting such a site that has such a strong reaction from people willing to log on to see what it’s about that they would actually take some of the advice (albeit some very negative advice) and take a long look at themselves and say ‘oh yeah, you know it’s hurtful to hear this stuff but these posters may have a point, let’s look to see how we can improve the site and ourselves’. but these girls clearly have nothing of value, importance or even originality to offer. There are some blogs that post things similar to this and for some reason they don’t ignite the same type of feedback because you feel they’re being genuine, intelligent and sincere about it. I don’t mind fluff dont get me wrong, but there is something so fake, so ‘look as us tell YOU how it’s done’ that really comes off here from these three women. For example - it’s not that we’re all perfect at spelling - but to not know how to spell even basic words? To refer to places as ghetto? To tell people to go fuck themselves on your own site? This is how you want to come across to the world? I think if they took more time reading the comments instead of deleting them they might actually come across one that sticks and try to change their ways, but probably not. And also more importantly? Stop posing like that. Making kissing faces to people you’ve just met?You have no idea how stupid that looks - and I’m not being mean here but clearly someone needs to tell you. You meet someone at a tech convention and you take photos of you sticking your face at them? Really? Again, not being mean or negative but this is advice you’d get from any public relations firm - you might want to conduct yourselves differently if you dont want people laughing at you.”

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