Monday, February 2, 2009

In response to recent articles on "Internet Haters"

I for one have offered up more constructive criticism than anything else if you actually bother to read the longer posts I take the time to sit and think through. But when I emailed Julia directly to ask specific questions about things that seemed unethical, as someone who has been a supporter of her if not of Mary, I got a weak flimsy “I wouldn’t worry about it.”. This is when asking her about illegal google keywords I discovered in her source coding. I asked about Blueprint, and for her to clear that mess up for me. She didn’t even reply to that at all, went on to tell me how sad and tired she is, and told me I could be doing so much with my time. You mean like piano bars and kisseyfaces? I follow these sites because I am at the computer for much of my day WORKING on my own projects. I admired Julia and had been following her since a little before the Jakob and Julia site, and up until this recent mess of things, a laundry list of just shady unscrupulous practices… I still liked her. If anyone considers me a “hater” it’s because they are not reading the actual content posts, or following my blog regularly to understand that there IS something behind what I am doing. Women who are dishonest, who hock dangerous products, who claim to be putting it all out there but can’t even answer direct questions from their readers when people start to smell a rat… all while claiming this is a community. They should be slammed, they should be talked about and they should NOT be supported by their community. They have no forum, they have no comments section, so our only option is to email them which takes away the community aspect they say they are reaching for. They are insulting all of our intelligence. All we are offered is the QoD which they don’t even write, hardly involve themselves with, and delete anything they do not like. The advice box was out of use for a month, and even that is not interactive. So when enough people have something to say, and no forum to say it, to be heard: they will create one. Is that being a hater? It all depends on where you stand.

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