Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is anyone else totally excited to see Mary Rambin's new haircut??!?!?!??!


Because I know I am.

PS, you know what the best part of this video is? Julia’s completely insincere “you look pretty!” and the fact that she’s not covering her face because she’s in awe of Mary’s beauty, but rather because she isn’t wearing any make up.

OK, I’m done with my hate for the day.

Julia: “I didn’t think I was gunna like it!”


It looks like Meghan is annoyed with her at the end of it, too. Maybe Scary needs to grow the fuck up and find her own place to live. STAT. Homeless people don’t need haircuts and YSL hooker pumps. They need a priority check and maybe a job (does teaching a spin class here and there count as a job?).

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