Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Julia dicks me around... twice.

So as you all know, Julia asked me for a sit down convo. Since I don’t live in NY, that just wasn’t going to happen. We agreed to IM yesterday afternoon and keep it “mutually confidential”. Bottom line? Julia flaked. I emailed her asking about it and she said it slipped her mind and what about today? So I told her I would be on in the afternoon and would look for her, and also sent her my own screen name in case she saw me but I did not see her. Well it’s after 5pm on the east coast now, officially not afternoon anymore… and not a word.

Considering the talk was her idea, and she said she would “owe me one” since it would be such a favor to her, I find this counterproductive, rude, unprofessional, and disrespectful of my time. And told her so.

Shit or get off the pot, Julia. You aren’t the only one who is “busy”. Not the foot you’d want to start off on considering you said how much people like you outside of the realm of your site. So far? You are holding fast to your rep as qualifiable. I’m not impressed. In fact, I’m annoyed.

It’s ineffable, is what it is.

UPDATE: After I wrote to Julia asking what the deal was, she did reply a few hours later saying she was out with some friends. That’s fine, I respect that. But when you flaked on me yesterday (forgot) and then suggested today as an alternative, a heads up as to when she was going to be available would have been appreciated. I felt I should add this because in all fairness it’s not like she totally blew me off.

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