Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Megs saw a gorgeous man wearing cool sunglasses in her lobby the other day. She did attack him, not for his bod, but for his sunnies! Looks like she has her priorities straight.

So she found the showroom that housed the A. Kurtz shades and took me along to investigate! Sweeeet. You know I love sunnies.

Based on every aspect of your delivery:

You are leading us to believe you guys saw cool “sunnies” and hunted down where they came from serendipitously. You then go on to WAY advertise for them, going so far as to offer an NS discount to readers. This is where I bring your attention to:

7. Disclose sponsored posts: sponsored reviews represent an efficient way for advertisers to build buzz and for bloggers to earn money. It is essential, however, that you make your position regarding those posts transparent in front of your readers. First of all you can insert a disclosure notice at the end of the sponsored post. Secondly you can create a dedicated page on your blog outlining how sponsored reviews will be treated and what the readers should expect from them.

via 10 Rules for Responsible Blogging

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