Thursday, February 19, 2009



Oh the drama of me missing this show!::

Just kidding, but I woke up early for it and I look forward to this collection ever year. Not because the designs are revolutionary, but there’s something about the clothes….

It’s not design because MK is a true classic. It’s not the fabric which is not lucious or printed. It’s not the fit because the clothes are tailored to the models.

The clothes literally just glow.

So here’s my theory. On the runway or on a fashionista, Michael Kors radiates a classic elegance you admire for looking chic. But away from scene, on an average woman, I think MK might, just maybe, look a little like Banana Republic. No?

Julia has the finale so you can see for yourself.

Maybe you really just don't realize that sometimes when you are trying to compliment a designer you actually accomplish insulting them. You say how much you "look forward to this collection ever year" but then say that Kors is not revolutionary, not classic, poor fabric and irrelevant tailoring. You look forward to it ever year because the clothes "literally just glow".

Question: If you think "MK" is akin to Banana Republic, what are Moe bags akin to?

/me sighs.

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