Monday, January 26, 2009

I left this comment on RBNS and it's important (to me) you all read this.

Re: the weight comments

I am hoping to take down or harm the progress of NS because I do not like the message they are sending. One of those messages is that if you are not thin and working out all the time, you are unhealthy and unattractive. I am approaching 30 and if I am to be totally honest I have gained 10 pounds in the past 2 years. Vanity pounds, yes, but my face is softer as are my curves. I think if we pick at Julia for gaining a few, we have become what we hate. We become the problem right along with them. Julia is at that age where her metabolism is changing. Like me, she needs to start making adjustments to her lifestyle. NOT like Mary, advises, losing the weight by doing these drastic cleanses. That is not healthy and any weight you lose will be packed right back on as soon as the cleanse is over. If these girls were really being honest, really wanted to “live DIFFERENTLY”, they would talk about the realities of how our bodies change as we age. Instead of shoving scams and easy fixes down our throats. There is a PLETHORA of other things to tease about. Let’s not stoop to their level on this one.

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