Monday, January 26, 2009


Filming episodes of TMI Weekly, over at Next New Networks’ studios on 29th & Park.

We had to get in six eps today, because I’ll be in Boston for the next four days, and then Chicago from October 10-17.


Out of all the “fabulous” things Mary MUST have in her closet, she chooses to tape her “show” wearing a hand me down Missoni skirt from like 6 years ago as a dress, with her looooong nasty bare feet. Classy. Mary look, if you are going to “transform” this skirt into a “dress”, MOVE THE SEAM TO THE BACK SO IT ISN’T SO OBVIOUS. Any REAL friend would tell you that. Ugh. And can’t one of you girls help her with her hair? It’s ALWAYS horrible. I mean, it’s like I’ve always wondered where the friends are. When Britney’s weave was all messed up and nasty with her bald spots showing, I wondered, why does no one TELL this girl how she REALLY looks? Why does no one TELL MARY?

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