Monday, January 26, 2009



“There are no moody Carrie Bradshaw-esque stabs at literary depth” - LA Times. That’s right, bitches! There aren’t!



Like it says in her bio on the page… Mary is better off being BEHIND THE SCENES. Have you not noticed the people’s responses to her “Head To Toe” interviews? She is simply NOT cut out for this.

She is your friend. I understand. But this is your life’s work beginning to come to fruition. Don’t blow it to mix business with pleasure. Don’t always wait til AFTER a disaster to learn from one. Ya dig?

You and Meghan come off happy and friendly and poised, yet girlish. Mary comes off weird and stuck up and awkward. It’s not like Tumblr’s just “don’t like her”. There are REASONS for why people feel put off by her.

And what are you supposed to do? Kick off a friend because people aren’t responding well to her? I don’t envy your position between a schmuck and a hard place. I really don’t.

To you and Meghan, congratulations and GOOD LUCK! I am afraid you might need it with your third wheel…


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