Monday, January 26, 2009

Lip Dub: Supermodel from NonSociety on Vimeo.


Let’s start off your Tuesday morning with a bit o classic RuPaul, shall we?

This lipdub, adeptly shot & edited by the talented Jim Zunt, took place on the final day of Fashion Week.

I actually convinced them to let me film it in the biggest runway space in the Tents about 30 minutes before one of the last shows was about to start. I snuck around backstage, climbed up to the sound booth and begged them to let me play RuPaul over the loud speakers. I have NO IDEA why they let me, other than acting as if you’re supposed to be there is definitely 85% of the battle.

If I could do it over again, I would have asked celebs and models all week long to mouth the words, but as it was, I only had two hours to film the entire thing, which didn’t give me a lot of options.

Next Fashion Week, we’ll do a FULL OUT reprise. Until then, enjoy this teaser.



I’m not sure which was more fun, participating in the lip dub (which was difficult as I didn’t know ANY of the words), or watching JA in her element getting everyone enthused and involved.


I can’t wait for the next one. I will be more prepared. Any suggestions? What should we dub?

(Be very happy we’re not actually singing!!)


I’d rather claw out my eyes then watch Mary Rambin dancing around like someone with some kind of debilitating disorder in a fucking animal carcass. How humiliating. Are dead animals “in”, you fucking freak? What if someone skinned your precious Mason and then danced around in his skin? I hate you.

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