Monday, January 26, 2009


After I did a lap around the stadium, I could barely breathe. And I thought to myself, “I used to be able to go around twice, easy!”

At that point, I let the endorphins take over and made the decision, I can do another half.

For a little more motivation, I created a quick On-The-Go playlist:

  • Let Me Go — 3 Doors Down
  • Battles Eng — Echosuite
  • Push — Matchbox 20
In the new year, let’s push a little harder, not for anyone else, not to tighten your legs or burn calories, but to mentally prove to ourselves that when presented with a challenge, we CAN do it. This sounds ridiculously cheesy, but when you’re out of breath and just want to do your crunches and go, this mentality can get you moving again.


As I read this I imagined Mary motivating herself this deeply to 3 Doors Down, and I literally laughed out loud. Alone in my house, I laughed out loud.

“I wanna push you around, well I will, well I will”

Come on, Mary, you can do it! You can do anything!

“I wanna take you for granted.”

You already have.

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