Monday, January 26, 2009



  • Aldo earrings
  • Max Azria top
  • Pants from Encore
  • YSL Mary Janes
  • Ring by Pitango
  • Heavy black eyeliner, nude lip
  • Trying out the crossed leg pose that’s so popular now. Kinda like it.
Last night was Robin and Paul’s annual Christmas Party. I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture with them. Bad Blogger!

Look at poor Mason in the background. He hates when I leave. It’s a very traumatic experience for the little guy. He whines and jumps and begs, but I can’t take him everywhere :(


This could easily be a picture from 1997. A few pointers: the top of that tank makes your shoulders look even broader than usual, didn’t think that was possible. The pants are like highwaters on you, and no they were not meant to be that way. Those are not floods. The round toe is totally wrong with that look. The pleats are dorky looking. Your ring doesn’t coordinate at all with anything else. And I think your dog is humiliated, look at the poor guy.

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