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Does it seem like everything is on sale but it’s not on trend for your spring wardrobe? Frustrating I know.

Python bags are a big trend for spring. Talk about expensive. You know they planned this style pre-recession. But don’t fear, H&M as always is here to make you look chic for cheap.

I found this faux python bag for $25! It doesn’t attempt to look real, and it’s certainly not green. But the soft sided sac is cute and treated to be extra durable.

Forget the Beirn bags for $300+, hop into H&M and score this fab faux for -$30.

A reader sent me the following regarding this post:

Hey Scary Mary,

I’m not one who just likes to publicly hate on anybody else or tattle behind anybody’s back. But the following email exchange (copied below) had be in fumes. Please read it from the bottom up.
I can see why you hate Mary Rambin so much now. This girl has NO conscience. It is amazing that she just taped a TMI episode on being eco-friendly/sustainable but doesn’t think that not wearing animal skins like python is hypocritical??

She claims in her email that she was promoting “faux” snake-skin, but that’s not the case. She was promoting the TREND.
Apparently she read my entire post about how cruelly snakes are treated (even after I stated that I will wear the skin of whatever meat I eat — I’m not a PETA wacko)… and still didn’t give a shit!
I tried to be nice in my email. I really did, as you can see. Even information and advice dispensed politely doesn’t register with these girls.
I am using my real email address because I’ve read through your blog and think you’re a trustworthy person. I would strongly prefer if you did not use my email address, but you are more than welcome to report this incident.
I’m just really shocked at the hyprocrisy of this whole endeavor. Thought you might like to know, although I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you.
Kind Regards.


On Jan 26, 2009, ((((REDACTED)))) <((((REDACTED))))> wrote:
» Hey Mary,
» I enjoy your blog very much — yours might be my favorite among the
» three girls! Kudos on developing a platform to get your views out
» there.
» You’re an influential figure for quite a few women, so please do not
» promote python handbags. I’m no animal-rights wacko, but I do believe
» that you have to understand where your skins come from. Snakeskin, be
» it python or watersnake, is one of the cruelest skins to harvest.
» Snakes are often caught in the wild by hunters in third-world nations,
» like Indonesia. Their heads are then nailed to a tree (no, this does
» not kill them — they want the snake alive so the skin doesn’t rot for
» the next process), and water is pumped into their mouths until their
» bodies swell to three times its normal size. Their mouths are then
» sealed and the snake is left for three days for its skin to stretch.
» Can you imagine how terrible that would be to endure? This is how
» farm-raised snakes are killed as well.
» Whether or not you love snakes, you must agree they are living beings
» who can sense pain. I have calfskin bags, lambskin bags — anything I
» eat, I will also wear. But snakeskin requires too high a moral price
» for me to wear.
» I know you believe in being beautiful on the outside (and you are!),
» but please prove that you’re beautiful on the inside, too.
» I would appreciate if you did not post my name, but I want to thank
» you for reading this email and publishing it if you care to.
» Kind Regards,


On Mon, Jan 26, 2009, Mary Rambin wrote:
> Hi ((((REDACTED)))),
> I believe I was promoting faux python in the post, no?
> Many people have different thoughts on any type of skin in general. Each
> person has to decide for themselves what they choose to wear, eat, etc. So I
> just report the trend instead of promote. I hope you see the distinction.
> Thank you for your thoughtful email.
> Best
> Mary

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