Monday, January 26, 2009


Leaving in a hurry from Houston, I forgot my favorite (and one of my only) bras! So I’ve trecked all the way downtown to Century 21 to pick up another Wonder Bra “Forever Smooth Push Up” bra. It’s not ridiculously padded, but it creates some serious cleavage. Of course they’re out of 34B, but I knew that would happen. I am pleasantly surprised to see the price marked down from $15.97 to $7.98. Score!


This reeks of bull shit. First of all what “style snob” has one or two bras? Even the most basic wardrobe consists of at least one black, white, and flesh toned bra. From there, strapless, full coverage, padded, not padded, push-up, racerback… to accommodate the many different styles of clothes a “style snob” would wear. This is a fundamental staple to any well rounded woman’s wardrobe (let alone a self-appointed “style snob”), and is an area that should NOT be skimped on. Even a plain old t-shirt is more flattering with a well fitting and well shaped bra. That’s um: BASIC, Scary. You are quite familiar with “basics”, so you should know this already.

Second tell tale sign of bull shit? No way in hell you are a B cup. You really should get a professional fitting done. You are A all the way, dear. Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

Furthermore, this screams PRODUCT PLACEMENT! LOOK AT ME! I’m a commercial! How much do you want to make a bet this entire story about leaving behind her very favorite “Forever Smooth Push Up” WONDERBRA™ is nothing more than her taking the script they gave her and adding one or two (lies) sentences to make it appear authentic. Thinly veiled, Scary.

You girls are turning your site into one great big infomercial. This is all you guys post anymore. This is your “content”. This is your “lifecasting”. All things considered, you should take your own advice and “get a life”. This is what you are “working” so hard on all the time? Ah, I see. It all makes sense now. Poor, poor Mary.

Oh and… how is it a “score!”? You (supposedly) go running frantically to the store to buy your very specific favorite bra, which you just knew they wouldn’t have in your “size”. They didn’t have it. Score? If anything, bummer. It’s on sale and it’s the PERFECT bra, and you went all the way there… only to find the Wonderbra doesn’t come as a training bra.

Looks like THIS SITE should add Wonderbra to their list.

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