Monday, January 26, 2009



When I look in my closet all I see is black, white, and gray. When I walk the streets of NYC, all I see is black, white, and gray. I blame my wardrobe on my recent vagabond lifestyle; black, white and gray clothes go with everything and travel well. I blame black for being too damn practical during the sludge months for sucking the life out of people’s outfits in the winter. (And I think some blame should be assigned to Carl Lagerfeld for making black too fabulous to refuse.)

But you know what, my new pink neon hat goes with everything too. It’s so loud and proud that people love it despite whether it matches. It makes me smile to put it on. What’s your color these days?

Photo Credit: Andrew Flavin (obviously I’m a huge fan of his too!)


You might think you are “keeping it real” or something by not using spellcheck, but Mary a “style snob” should at LEAST make sure she is spelling DESIGNERS NAMES correctly.

KARL, dear. Not Carl.

*shakes head in pity*

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