Monday, January 26, 2009

* maryrambin:

Today’s Question of the Day.

You all* had some great insight and seem to align with specific traits from each of us. As for those of you who are still a little confused or disgruntled, I offer you a direct response (scroll down to the bottom).

Our goal here is to be as real as possible so you know us. I feel like this is the mission of many Tumblr bloggers, which is why I enjoy my little dashboard community.

*In real life, I would say y’all.


I’ll defer to the other two girl’s blogs as being a little more ‘real’ and compelling than my own. I’m obsessed with Mary’s sense of style and Julia’s self-reflective very poignant posts. Truth be told, I have a hard time expressing myself, I like to keep my emotions to myself at times. When comments get to me (like yesterday), I retreat to deal with my feelings versus putting it out there for the world to dissect. As I’ve said before, my blog and the selective coverage of my life is still a work in progress. I’m slowly learning to not let comments ruin my day. But to be honest, some days are better than others.

Even during this weekend’s competition, I was rattled at just how far the lynch mob is willing to go, posting on various sites with personal attacks that seem unwarranted. My mother found her way to one of the heated areas filled with vitriol and promptly responded under a code name. I can’t begin to express how sad I felt knowing that my mother had read such remarks about her daughter. To all of you that get a kick out of posting hatred, next time, please put yourself in my position and think of how you’d feel if your parents read the anonymous slander. Even though it was painful to know that my mother had read that crap, I take this experience in stride and will be stronger because of it. To all those that want to hurt NS with anonymous words, you will NOT shut us down, you will NOT shut me down, you are in fact just making us stronger able to take more hits than a ball in a baseball game (weird analogy, but I’ll just go with it).

We’re not hurting anyone, we’re three women brave enough to put ourselves out there and push the envelope. Like anyone, we make mistakes. We’re not trying to put others down, we’d only like you to be inspired to succeed, to learn from our mistakes by living vicariously through our own experiences. We want nothing but the best for everyone we work with and for you as a reader.

Our stunts mean no malice, it’s all for the sake of entertainment, for you to feel engaged. Why you feel the need to bash us anonymously is beyond me. You say I’m a fraud, I never said I was an expert, I’m just a girl that likes tech, likes to know how things work, and stays up late at night reading tech news. I personally know and respect the REAL tech hackers that have crossed my path, just so you know, I’m not pretending to be one of them. All I can offer is advice on general lifestyle technology. Subjects like: what to do when your computer poops out, what gadget is worth purchasing, and what new websites to explore.

Please keep in mind, you are looking through a window of what we put out there, it’s not the entire story. I know you feel the need to judge it. I do the same sometimes, it’s human nature. But please, for those of you that still need to spew particularly venomous comments, please look at why you are doing so, what is making you so unhappy that you feel the need to make rude comments about virtual strangers? I know most of the time when I speak ill of someone else, it mainly has to do with how I feel about myself. I want all of you to find peace (even the haters), as I doubt that nastiness makes for a very fulfilled life. That’s all the Namasté I have for today. X

* US:

You guys are always talking about the “anonymity” of the haters. Would you feel better if you knew our names? What difference would that make? Count on this. Soon enough you will know mine. I promise. But… what’s the difference? And it isn’t that I don’t have a fulfilled life, I do. I have made it very clear that I am not hating on Mary for the sake of hating on Mary, because my own life is lacking or because I am reflecting what I hate about myself onto her. I am doing this because public female figures should take more responsibility over the image, the stereotypes, and the types of things they base public businesses on. There are more women than men in this world and if you don’t have your own behind you, who do you think will stand there?

And what makes me even more frustrated is that this IS your business. And you make it immaturely clear that you DO see and read all this negative feedback. But also immature, like a child, rather than NOT take it personally, but logically incorporate this feedback as you evolve and modify you business, you dig in your heels like defensive toddlers, insist you have a plan, and refuse to change a thing. THAT will be the end of you, not all us “haters”.

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