Monday, January 26, 2009



I finally met Sheila who has written some not-so-nice things about me…..

She came up to me and introduced herself, saying “It’s all business, you understand.” Of course I do. Actually, she was very sweet.

Guess who wasn’t particularly kind? Nick Denton. Like you needed more than one guess. We rode up in the elevator together and despite the many posts Gawker has published about me, I only got a hello and a smirk. Way to put me in my place.

Later, Julia grabbed him and said, “Nick I don’t think you’ve officially met Mary.” I won’t bore you with the details of the conversation. Typical snark and a lot of pretentious nonsense. Let’s just say by the end of the evening I still wanted to punch him in the face.

And finally, I can’t leave out Neel Shah, who point blank asked, “Are you riding Julia’s coat tails?” I think he expected me to break down and cry because he seemed a bit shocked when I said, “Yes.” I explained that Julia has been in this space twice as long as I have, and been very dedicated and focused on getting her message out to the public. Starting this venture would be pretty difficult without using her persona and PR. I respect how far she’s come and am proud to be on her team. Now we continue the journey together. Then I picked his jaw up off the floor and hit the bar for another cocktail.


You really are a fucking retard. NO ONE LIKES YOU. And I seriously doubt ANYONE was picking their jaw up off the floor after you ADMIT to riding someone else’s coat tails instead of, hmm, shall we say, designing your own damn coat. Building your reputation as a “style blogger” on your OWN. BECOMING a personality instead of trying (and failing) to mimic a “friends”. Tell me, for “best friends” how long have you even KNOWN Julia? Such BS. You think you “told them” or something but really, I imagine it was just pathetic defensiveness that succeeded in nothing more than giving even more ammo to those pointing the guns.


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