Monday, January 26, 2009


We, as a nation of moral, democtaic people, wouldn’t be where we are today if the leaders who had the balls to push the boundaries let themselves be silenced.

All men are created equal. That took a while. So have hope. One day, we’ll get there with the issues that continue to plague us today. Gay marriage, abortion -they will all be inherent rights. Keep talking people. In fact, yell!

And, as for all of you traditionalist media folk who refuse to acknowledge the digital revolution, here’s a tip. Bloggers are about to take over the world. And guess who we’ll elect president….


We as a nation of illiterates… “democtaic” people??? It’s obvious you are TRYING to sound like you have brain cells but you finish your sentence with use of the word “balls”. So classy Mary, really. Ew.

For your information there are people who do more than talk, blog, or yell. There are people who go out and VOLUNTEER their time, attend PROTESTS, and MAKE CHANGE instead of just propagating everything that is WRONG WITH SOCIETY TODAY.

And you do that SO well.

Bloggers are taking over and electing WHO president? YOU???

Gag me with a fucking spoon. Save the “deep thoughts” for Julia. At least she has some writing talent. This was like reading something a second grader wrote. It really was.

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