Monday, January 26, 2009


Got Juice?

We’re stirring up more discussion than a juicer in this week’s episode of TMI.

I know there’s been some discrepancies about the NonSociety’s involvement with Blueprint Cleanse. Just so you know, we approached Blueprint this summer after testing it out and loving the way it made us feel. When it comes to endorsements NonSociety has a strict policy of transparency. In short, we only partner with brands we believe in, like Blueprint.


Megs, this is a direct question meant to be responded to. You believe in a brand that has been called dangerous? You believe in this product REALLY? What do you have to say about the NYT article and the Gawker post and the Us Magazine article on this very “cleanse”? You are irresponsibly recommending this product to people who might not have read that information. If I was promoting a product and discovered it was not the healthy thing I thought it to be, I would then reveal that information to my readers and let them know they should NOT continue to use it, rather than go on to post multitudes of postings convincing them they SHOULD use it, even though I KNOW BY NOW HOW UNHEALTHY AND UNSAFE IT IS! This is why people are hating you all! You know this fast is unsafe and unhealthy by now and are STILL promoting it to people!


This is not meant to be snark, I want ANSWERS!

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