Monday, January 26, 2009

My reply:


Sorry, but I have never heard of a spam of any kind that injects unknown code into your page that doesn’t show up at all, with specific keywords that place you at the top of the google search results when they are typed in. They would have nothing to gain from that. Only you have something to gain from that. Please don’t insult my intelligence. I’m sure google would agree.

Also, you didn’t comment on the Blueprint question. A matter of convenience? Or selective hearing? Some of the things I have admired about the caricature you admit you intentionally are, is the boldfaced aspect of your approach. And you have seemed to have a stance very pro-woman. This has really been a disappointment.

You asked what the point is. Look, I’m a smart girl. I value my time. And I promise you Julia, there is a point. It will reveal itself in due time. I’m working on it. I think you have great ideas. You have opened a door. But you’re running it into the ground. If you look past the snark, I’ve offered up some really sound feedback. Why are you so against acknowledging what is staring you right in the face? You girls could have done so much with this. I expected a lot. I was a fan of yours for a while, I wanted to see this be something exciting. Something innovative. All I’m seeing is one thing after another that makes ME “exhausted and really sad”. I have something to gain. And the demand for it wouldn’t be there had you not created NonSociety. So for that, I thank you.

I haven’t really said very much about Meghan, I only say things that can’t help but be said about you. In fact I have come to your defense more than once in comments that go places I don’t feel are fair. But Mary. I just don’t get it. She is vapid, she is not intelligent, she has never done a single thing that was unselfish, she’s got no unique style to speak of at all. She digs at you, and her other friends. She doesn’t spell check because she wants to “be herself”? How about having pride in your work, when this is a business you are taking seriously? How about some researched content, or at least thought out fluff that goes beyond one or two sentences? How about some depth? Any kind of insight? I am not coming at this from a shallow perspective. It seems you girls are.

There are a LOT of things I do that really matter. What do you do that matters to anyone besides you three girls? Everything you seem to do and cover somehow is about you or benefits you or your business. And people who don’t have the kind of well rounded experiences as I might, or younger girls, are seeing this and thinking this is how things are, should be, this is what they should mimic. And that is so irresponsible on so many levels, and really Julia, you are smart and it goes without saying.

There is a lot I could say. Really, I’m disappointed with this reply from you. You didn’t really say anything and your exhaustion and sadness is falling on a growing more jaded with you by the moment heart. That makes ME sad. I identified with you and now, the differences are astounding and disappointing.



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