Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh lord, I visited her Twitter:
  • This twitter is pretty much just my headline. She posted it the next day. WTF is THAT supposed to mean, Scary?
  • Scary shit talks the Frisky, retaliating of course to their article about her. "of course a gossip blog".
  • What does it mean to use Facebook "strategically"?
  • Mary thinks Rachel Ray looks like an idiot. I prefer Rachel Ray over you, Scary and that speaks volumes.
  • Hey Mary, how about permanently?
  • Mary questions her worth to someone who "just isn't that into her". I think she meant "interested IN".
  • Mary Twitters from the pisser. Ew.
  • I'm not sure what this really means, but it ain't pretty.
  • It didn't take her long to blow her resolution, did it?
  • Drunk, lonely, and pathetic.
  • Starfuckers Inc.
  • She wants you to be jealous.
  • More drunken patheticness.
  • All these posts about being drunk and liquor and all that makes me wonder if Scary has an alcohol problem. Would explain a lot of her wardrobe choices...
  • Mary has bad hygiene habits and no one to care.
  • One of her Sugar Daddies make Mary an offer.
  • Mary claims someone "spotted" her. All things considered, that's just embarrassing for her. And what was our "style snob" wearing? Pajamas. Tres Chic.
  • She thinks some guy she wants un-following her means... HE CARES. Um. Wow. Delusional.
  • "Spotted" again. And in her "PJ's" again. In public. Walking around like that. Why is it anytime anyone sees her offline she's in pajamas unless there's an event or a TMI taping? PJ's is NOT "style".
  • More depression.
  • This is definitely one of my favorites. Scary insults the intelligence of an MBA grad and thinks she can teach someone how to "start a business". Her warped view of herself is palpable.
  • Proof that you should be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. Mary did.
  • More pathetic desperation and rejection.

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